“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”     

                                                                                                  –Michael Jordan     


Dominic Mestas

Dominic Notary

Dominic Mestas is an Orange County native. He has lived and studied abroad in Germany, Japan & Belize. His educational background is in Anthropology with an emphasis on Archaeology in Meso-American Studies. He Graduated with honors from his Alma Mater, California State University Fullerton

Nathan Lopez

Nate Notary

Nathan Lopez was born and raised in Orange County, California. After high school Nathan began working part time at a big green franchise coffee shop while attending a local college full time. While working, he learned the value of customer service. This drove him to study the field of personal sales and marketing.

Julie Balint

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Marinda Zha


Marinda Zha was born, raised and educated in China up until obtaining her undergraduate degree. After a year of work experience in sales with a government related IT company, she flew to United State to pursue her master degree. In 2013, she graduated from Chapman University in major of Environmental Science. 

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